NEX Valet is a cloud-based software platform designed for the management of professional parking services.

The software differs from it’s competition primarily because it delivers a seamless, simple experience to your customers; without requiring them to download any software of any kind.

Because NEX valet is web-based, it is usable on any device that can visit and display a web page.

About NEX Valet

Your customers are not limited by what make, model or type of device they are using which means you are not segregating and narrowing your customer base from using your valet services.

NEX Valet is also the only valet software which allows restaurants to monetize their boat docks and offer docking assistance to watercraft.

Implementing NEX valet, means you can accept credit cards without hassle. If cash is king, than plastic is the emperor of the universe. With NEX valet, you’re no longer alienating the customers who are ready to pay for parking services.

NEX Valet is built and supported by Los Angeles based software firm LOGIC NINE

The Drop-off process

When a customer approaches, simply ask for their last name and cell phone number and enter it into the software.

The system will create a virtual ticket and reservation for that customer which can be interacted with easily.

The Pick-up and Payment Process

NEX Valet will automatically text message the customer with a link that they can use to retrieve their vehicle once the vehicle is picked up. Simply tapping that link, will give them payment options and a tip selector.

At least a $1 tip is mandatory to ensure your employees are always tipped.

Watercraft Docking

NEX valet watercraft docking is as simple as following any of the vehicle parking methods previously described.

When a customer is approaching by water, NEX valet will widen the search radius to 8nm (nautical miles) to ensure they find your location. They will be given GPS coordinates to enter into their charting system if they choose and they will also be shown a dock map of your location, which shows them what spaces can accommodate crafts of their size and depth.

The boating community represents a large faction of “out and about” patrons with disposable income who are often keen on ending the day with dinner and drinks at an accommodating water accessible establishment. NEX valet provides you with the tools to access and monetize this nearly untouched market.

Premium Parking Reservations

For a patron, one of the worst issues to encounter is planning an evening out only to arrive and find all nearby parking is full.

With NEX valet, you can define certain spaces to be “premium”; a space that stays reserved until someone purchases it for a higher dollar amount than the typical parking rate.

The patron’s space is guaranteed, and your establishment can sell higher value parking spaces during peak hours, or special events.

The customer would first go to, choose their destination and they can reserve a space for the allowed number of hours, and at the value which you define.

Back-end Features

Employees, management and owners log into NEX Valet’s administrative section by visiting and entering their username and password.

Some of the back-end features are:
Multi-Location Support
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support
Employee Management
Communication Features
Reservation System
Funds withdrawal


NEX valet handles all financial processing in the cloud.

A customer parks their vehicle or reserves a space and they are charged a surcharge for using the service.


The surcharge can vary, but is typically $0.50 - $0.90 per transaction if paid by credit.

The surcharge for American Express charges can be higher.

There is a yearly fee of $149 per location for NEX valet’s software. The yearly fee is due once your trial period has ended.

Premium Parking

The fee for using our premium reserved parking system is 10% of the parking space sale cost. This fee is paid by you during the time of booking, not the customer. Premium parking space cancellation fees are 20%, of the cost of the space, in which 10% is payable to NEX valet, and 10% is payable to you.

Withdrawal of Funds

NEX valet acts like a virtual bank. You accumulate funds in a virtual account. You may withdraw those funds at any time. NEX valet’s system will automatically ACH the funds to you once they are approved by our billing department, which will review the ACH requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NEX Valet can be used for:













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