The only valet parking software that is NOT an app!
There is NO download required by ANYONE.

No more alienating elderly, impatient or unwilling clients; or those without smart phones.

Valet parking software that allows customers to be checked in using an iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry
Check in a customer, select their native language and they will receive a welcome text message.

Use your own cell phones or tablets -- no hardware to buy from us!
Valet parking attendants get paid instantly using our non-app software when the customer pays with their cell phone via credit card! Customers can request their cars using text messaging!
Get Paid
The customer can request their vehicle and pay using either cash or credit using their phone!

NEX Valet makes sure your employees ALWAYS get tipped!

Our valet parking software tracks customers, employees, vehicles, allows you to take pictures, and more!
That's it!
Our software handles the entire process from start to finish.
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